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The Great Sweetness

ODSweet Duomo Milano Hotel – Official Website

ODSweet Duomo Milano Hotel
ODSweet Duomo Milano Hotel

A city that offers many possibilities, thanks to its soul always on the move, its fervent and creative mind, its spirit of innovation that always looks a little further. 

And where, if not here, could the dream of a man with great visions come true? The creator of ODStore – Italy’s most important chain of sweet and savoury products - found the space for a new project in Milan: the opening of the ODSweet Duomo Milano Hotel, a 4-star superior hotel designed with the same philosophy. A place inspired by the imagination, flavours and scents of the ODStore, following a common theme that irresistibly teases the 5 senses.  So, one of the most evocative and well-known squares in the world frames a truly unique hotel, both for its design and concept.

Why unique? Because it was conceived and realized to surprise, bewitch, arouse subtle and vibrant emotions, thanks to the concept inspired by the ODStores, the maximum expression of Italian confectionery creativity.

The mood and styling of the hotel are characterized by two fascinating colours, which have fun meeting each other throughout the sensory path offered by the location to the guest: pink and brown. Pink like the delicious marshmallows and brown like the king of all sweets, chocolate.